The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation day’s 24/25…

So I sat down this afternoon to write this blog, wondering what I was actually going to write about.  Our lives are a little bit like the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day” – it’s the same exact day over and over.  The only exception being the COVID 19 statistics and guidelines, which change by the minute during this national pandemic.   Near my desk in my bedroom where I sit with my laptop, is a small bookcase I took from my parents house when it was sold.   It’s tall and narrow and filled with items that are only special to me.  I have it leaned against my favorite picture of my pop on my wall.  As I grumbled and complained internally about my writers block, the entire bookcase filled with memorabilia just fell forward on top of me, spilling it’s contents all over my room.  I sat here dumbfounded as to how this occurred, as the usual culprit of strange incidents was sound asleep on my bed and didn’t even lift his head.  Then it hit me, well literally the bookcase did, but it dawned on me that I just got a sign.  Like a smack in the head from my dad telling me to get myself together and get over it (actually his exact words would be ‘quit your bellyaching spaghetti arms’).  Sitting at my desk, in my safe home, filled with my healthy family and tons to do, is not a problem.   Sometimes it takes a simple reminder, or a not so subtle one to wake up.  I am currently icing my arm. LOL.  No, really I am.   The many life lessons he taught me are just imbedded in the core of my soul.

Restlessness is becoming more evident in our home as the days go by – Brian has begun to send a text to our family group chat at lunch outlining the afternoon.   Today’s text is as follows: 3:00pm dog walk, 5:30 car ride 6:00pm Happy hour on deck 7:00pm dinner…  It helps to have this simple understanding of the afternoon/evening, but sometimes we have low participation from the troops.   Most days, no one replies to him, but at the appointed time someone will emerge from the teen/young adult cocoons and join in.  I’ve said this so many times, having all this time and nothing on the schedule is just foreign to us.   Over coffee this morning, Brian held up his calendar on his iPad – it was blank.  I said “wait, let me check mine!”,  my only entry was a reminder for my daily virtual yoga class at 10:30am.   Our new normal is full of free time. Another new phenomenon  I have noticed is labeling of food items, and signs/notes (mostly written by me) posted all over the house.  With all of us home, and one leftover thief  in particular home from college, this has become more frequent!  Something else that has made an appearance is the “Poll of the day” that is  written on the mirror in the kid’s bathroom. Apparently one of my comedians posts a new one daily.   I’m telling you we are all cracking up.

I am more and more impressed with our small town of Wyckoff, as we hunker down and deal with the ramifications of COVID19.  There is so much happening behind the scenes to support and encourage those who are in need.  Countless people in town (who knew they harbored secret sewing skills!) are sewing masks for hospitals, frontline workers, and community members in need, groups have formed to raise funds and work with local restaurants to feed the healthcare teams at the local hospitals, and local businesses who remain closed under the government mandates are fulfilling orders via phone/email/direct message and delivering directly to our homes.   Everyone is stepping up to the challenge to beat this pandemic.   We are fortunate enough to have a very dedicated and passionate mayor, who sends out an informative email every evening around 9:30.  Some days this is the ONLY news I will read.  The tone and direction of Mayor Shanley’s emails are both alarming and comforting.  He states the facts, the statistics, the shocking numbers of Bergen County and our town, yet he encourages and reminds us DAILY that we are in this together, that we are #Wyckoffstrong and we will get through it.

I wish I could turn off my ‘worry’, but I have faith that we will win this war, this new normal will be behind us and we will be stronger for it.  I have a sign on my desk that says; “Turn your worries into prayers – PHIL 4:6”, I am going to be very busy.

Stay safe, stay home, and be well.



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