The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation days 26/27/28

It was nice to wake up to sunshine and blue skies this morning on April 9th…but crazy winds and freezing temperatures?  It feels like February.  Seriously though, most days I have NO idea what day it is.  I keep missing my favorite show on television because I think it’s the wrong day.  While we might not be physically ill, quarantine is messing with my mind.   Everything is “off” – my eating, my exercise and most of all my sleep.

Today my friends and I started day 17 of our 30 day virtual yoga class – the title of todays class was “Find your happiness”.  I find that very apropos to the current state of mind that I and so many others are currently facing during this period of social distancing.  It’s almost impossible to have a clear head right now – the media (all types) is causing such a panic, mostly with the conflicting reports during this pandemic.  I am fortunate to have a very level headed, calm, cool & collected spouse – when I start to go off the rails, he reels me right back in.   It’s starting to happen more often as the days roll into one month of isolation.   I continue to try and focus on the positives and keep faith in the system, and most of all rely on the one who is really in charge. It’s is all I can do.

We lost our early quarantine momentum the last two weeks or so, and have left many of our projects sit idle while we focused on other things.  Yesterday we went back in the basement to begin going through and organizing 20+ years of pictures.   Sorting them is time consuming, and Brian and I are constantly stopping to discuss a treasure one of us stumbled upon.  I have about a two hour (if that!) tolerance for this task, as it doesn’t take long before my emotions take over and I am a sobbing mess.  When I stopped today, Brian said, “where are you going? this is the perfect project for a pandemic!”…  This coming from the guy who then decided to do a “flashlight audit” for the remainder of the afternoon.  Just in case we lose power anytime soon, we are all set.  Someone needs to go back to work!

Family game night is losing its appeal after almost a month, so we skipped the traditional games last night and did “virtual horse racing”.  It was live streamed from the social staff at our favorite resort, Woodloch Pines.  It’s a favorite activity of ours when we have stayed at Woodloch over the past 20 years, and it was a lot of laughs playing along at home.  Woodloch, like so many closed businesses, is doing their best to keep their guests  entertained from afar, and this was extremely creative on their behalf.    Tomorrow we are going to start a jigsaw puzzle, and see how well we work together.  It could be a very short activity.

This morning while I was feeling the impact of being separated from our families on Easter Sunday,  I found this short poem on Facebook.  It was shared by my sweet friend Elaine, and really hit home.   I read it once, circled back and re-read it again, and let it sink in for a minute or two.

 I don’t think it’s self-isolation.

I think it’s self-discovery.

Discovering that you have all you need:

Family to pray for.

Friends to miss.

Faith to hold on to.

Maybe we’ve had happiness all along.

So let’s spend some time alone.

The beauty of the world right now,

Is within all of our homes.  


So while we are at home on Easter Sunday, let’s grasp the happiness we do have.  It is a time for renewal and miracles, and I believe that is what will come.

Stay safe, stay home, and be well –

xo KB










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