The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation days 22 & 23

It’s an interesting time in our world right now.  I am finding myself laying awake worrying about things that I have never even thought about before, and I am having thoughts that just won’t go away.   I am not sure how to process some of it, but fortunately having a vast sounding board helps me deal. My panel of listeners consists  mostly of Brian, my mom, and my two yoga pals, but they listen and relate and most of all make my worries seem normal.  This is a new time for us all living in this social isolation, and boy does it make my mind wander!   The yogi’s and I did complete day 13 of our 30 day virtual yoga class today, and we are feeling bendy! The best part of yoga is still the before/after daily FaceTime catch up with my friends.   We have BIG PLANS for when we are let out of our homes.  BIG PLANS.

I skipped my morning routine today so that I could get to the grocery store as soon as they opened.    I had my list organized by department, my gloves and new mask (our neighbor sewed us all matching masks made out of Brian & Tyler’s old clothes – thank you Leslie!) and my Clorox wipes ready to go.   What I didn’t expect was the LINE wrapped around the store.   I was glad that they were limiting the number of people entering at a time, but I was not prepared for the cold and froze my ass off.  It’s all good though, I managed to fill TWO carts, and was on my way in TWO HOURS.  Something happens to me when I get in the grocery store during this pandemic.  I think it’s called PANIC.  I know they won’t close the stores, and we will have access to food and necessities as these days go by, but I am just overcome with an urge to keep stocking up.  (I really could use a third freezer Brian!)

I don’t remember a time in our family that we did not have full schedules.  It has always been a commotion, finally slowing down just a little when Tyler & Caroline went away to college.  Brian, Riley and I fell into a simple routine, and most weeks it was just me and Riley home with Brian’s work travel keeping him away.  I didn’t really ‘plan’ menus anymore, and we ate out A LOT.   It seems like we have time traveled now.  Everyone is home, I am cooking and baking WAY more than I have in years, and we have a full house.  Yes, we are trapped home with social distancing, but the simplicity of everyone just being home, is actually really nice.   And as we approach one month of quarantine, the kids get it.  I know they are unhappy, but they understand why, and have come to terms with the seriousness of this pandemic.

The weather was a TOP 10 today – when Riley was little she would refer to a day like today as a “sunshiney day”, and that is exactly what it was.   A great number of people  were walking, running, riding bicycles and walking dogs in our neighborhood.  Everyone maintained the 6-8 feet social distance,  avoiding each other like the plague.   Something had changed though – while the weather was an instant mood lifter, and there was laughter and smiles on those enjoying the beautiful day, there is a sense of unease and uncertainty surrounding our community.   We have been warned that America is bracing for its hardest week during this pandemic, so I think that is weighing heavy on everyones mind.   I will once again quote my pop, “Do not be afraid of tomorrow, God is already there…”

Stay safe, stay home, and be there for one another during these trying times.  We rise by lifting others, and this is the time to RISE.









One thought on “The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation days 22 & 23

  1. This made me smile for the first time in a long while. “Do not be afraid of tomorrow, God is already there…”
    So lovely.


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