The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation Day 16.


When I woke up this morning, my biggest decision was what to wear for yet another day home.  Sweatpants?  Leggings?  Workout gear? My outfits haven’t varied much since we have been home.  In digging through my tee-shirt drawer, I came across my piles of “souvenir” tee shirts and sweatshirts.   Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge souvenir gal.  I have to get something from everywhere – magnets, shirts and mugs from our travels and the concerts we’ve attended.   Brian used to give me a hard time about it, was it necessary? did I really need ANOTHER shirt?  But after 32 years, it’s one of things he is resigned too now.   This morning I decided, you know what?  During this stay at home time, I am going to break out all my souvenir shirts.   A perfect way to remember fond memories and fun times, and hold on to the hope that we will be traveling back to those special places and attending concerts once again.   My sweatshirt from the Thomas Rhett “Very Hot Summer 2019” tour was the lucky winner today – how I wish Brian and I were in our seats at MSG right now!

I ventured out to Wegman’s to grocery shop this morning as early as I could get myself moving.  It was packed, and I questioned my rationale to do this on a Sunday morning with all the crowds.  Wegman’s is so impressive with the way they are handling the COVID 19 situation.   They have security ALL over, sanitizing carts, wipes, gloves, and extra precautions being taken in the aisles and at checkout.  It is the ONLY grocery store I will go too now, for these practices alone.  I power shopped, raced through as fast as I could, and made a quick stop in the floral department.   I am thrilled with what I found there – something called a “Happy Plant”!   I have no live greenery in the house, and according to the label,  “Warning: this plant will boost your mood”.   I am so excited to have a real live instant mood buster in my kitchen.   And if it works?  A bargain at $7.99.

I seem to be buying a lot of groceries – maybe because it is the only public place we are allowed to go, and actually see & interact (at a distance) with real live non-family members.   I have this internal urgent need to stock up on everything, just in case.  Just in case what though?  If I get sick?  If we are banned from going out to the grocery store at our leisure? I don’t know why, I just have this nagging feeling of unease, and I just need to be prepared.  It’s part of my role, and although nothing will go to waste, our shelves and closets are filled to the brim.

We learned today we will be quarantined for another 30 days – and to be honest I think I was the one who handled it the worst.   I was washing the dishes after dinner, and when Tyler shared the news with me, I felt sick.  I miss my mom.  I miss my sisters and my friends, my routine, and man am I feeling ugly!  I’ll do anything to keep my family safe, and most importantly do what we need to do to flatten the curve, but it’s not easy.   I guess we will be having Easter in our pajamas.  It is what it is.

Father McShane, the President of my son’s college, Fordham University, sent out a beautiful note and prayer this morning to students and parents.   As I read it with my morning coffee, he closed with the following – he reminded us of the CALL  that we have all received: Natus ad Altiora, “Born for Higher Things”, for we have all been called to higher things.  This is the time to take that to heart and do what we need to do, and challenge our selves to do our best.

Stay safe,






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