The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation Day 17 (!!!)

Early this morning, once again as I was having that first cup of coffee, I watched in awe the news coverage of the US Navy medical ship COMFORT arriving to NY harbor.    What a powerful image it was, and after a little digging online, I was able to locate a New York harbor webcam ( which enabled me to watch it sail down the Hudson River until it was docked.  It was a majestic sight -surrounded by Coast Guard & Police escort boats, and police helicopters hovering above.  It was especially beautiful as it passed by the Statue of Liberty, the gateway into our city.  It is a massive ship, and having seen it in it’s dry dock last summer at the Norfolk Naval base in Virginia, I never expected to see it here on such an important mission.   The last time it was in New York City was shortly after 9/11.  What an important role this ship has played during the toughest of times.  I couldn’t get the image of that ship out of my head all day, so much so that Brian and I took a drive to the NJ side of the Hudson River, so I could see it in person across the river, once again.  God bless all those who arrived on that ship to provide assistance, certainly an overwhelming feeling of pride for our military.

In keeping with yesterday’s post regarding my souvenir’s, today’s shirt comes from our happy place in Virginia.  About 15 minutes from our summer beach rental in Sandbridge, VA is ‘The Lucky Oyster’.  One of our favorite ‘go to’ spots (plus, they have the best shirts!) to eat at while at the beach.  If we were there tonight, we’d be having a bucket of beer and a whole lot of clams, maybe even stopping there on our way back from visiting the Naval base in Norwalk…  (How was that only seven months ago?)  I am going to keep wearing the ‘happy’ – it certainly worked today.

We are all missing our family and friends during this time of quarantine, and tonight Brian and I scheduled a “virtual” happy hour with our good friends at 5:30pm.  It certainly wasn’t the same as sitting on the beach, on their front porch or on our back deck, but seeing their faces and hearing their voices, was such a tremendous lift to our spirits.  We have scheduled another one for Friday that will include all the “kids” around our fire pit on the deck, albeit via FaceTime.

Today was one of the better days for me since we’ve been home – can’t pinpoint exactly why,  I didn’t sleep much last night and I even took a break from my virtual yoga class due to a multitude of yoga aches and pains.  It could be the happy plant I bought yesterday, (maybe it’s working already!), wearing my happy shirt from the Lucky Oyster, our virtual visit with our friends, or the sense of ‘comfort’ that sailed into NY harbor this morning.  I was also blessed with a ‘sign’ from my pop this morning, which always puts a bright spot in my day.  So whatever/whomever made today a good one, thank you!  I am in a good frame of mind, and it is most certainly welcome.   It is what it is.

Stay safe, STAY HOME, and be well…











One thought on “The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation Day 17 (!!!)

  1. Today’s message made me smile to know you were happy today. We share the same intense feelings of pride and gratitude toward so many of life’s blessings. ❤️

    Btw did you get your little package I sent?


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