My life is like a Hallmark Movie…

My life is a Hallmark Christmas Movie…

I’ve been plagued by writers block for over a year, and as much as I have tried, nothing has lifted it.  I am hoping today is the day that I get something written that is worthy to share.  I almost feel a little nudge from my Pop.  

As with most holiday seasons, my mind is a whirlwind of emotions – happy, sad, excited, overwhelmed, anxious – the whole gamut.   The weeks leading up to this one are filled with shopping, wrapping, holiday dinners, festive parties, and so much more.   As the mom, and creator of Christmas for the Benedik family, I run on auto pilot and just get things done.  I have been up at 5:30am most days, ready and dressed by 7, and hit the ground running.  You’d think now that the ‘kids’ are 18, 23, & 25 it would be easier, yet I think it’s a little tougher now that they are young adults.   I still want them to have the magic of Christmas that they did when they were little, and mostly I want them to always want to come home for the holidays.   My goal is to get everything done, so that when Brian has some much needed time off, we can just sit back and enjoy our family, and celebrate all that we have.   

Like many Hallmark Christmas movie fans, I have been watching the movies since Thanksgiving.  Literally round the clock, I have them on as background noise, distractions, and goofy entertainment.   They are predictable & silly, and they all end up the same.  Why are they so addicting?  Maybe it’s the portrayal of the “perfect” town, family, relationship, bakery or toy shop, and of course the local diner- usually named ‘the jingle mingle cafe’.   The ladies all have red or green wool coats, adorned with Christmas pins, and matching leather gloves, and the men all have wool pea coats, and matching scarfs.  No one is ever cold, and the sidewalks are never slippery.   Definitely  not the real world, but one that is a welcome escape during the madness of this season.   

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, it is easy to get caught up in all the stress and angst.  The Hallmark characters solve holiday stress with a “cup of hot cocoa” or the “perfect sleigh ride”.  I often wish it was that easy!  

A few weeks ago I read a quote on social media that really hit home.  “Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have”.  Simple words, but a strong meaning.  I have had to remind myself of this many times the past few weeks, and each time I did, a bit of the angst that has consumed me has gone away.   

Is my house decorated like the ones in the movies? It is most definitely NOT!  It is festive and cheery, and warm and cozy.  It makes my kids smile, and adds just the right amount of Christmas to our home.                                                                                   

My girls and I do not have the red wool coats that have sparkly holiday pins on the lapel, but we have warm coats and accessories that work just as well.  Does my family wear matching Christmas sweaters? Nope!  But we do rock the matching pajamas, and Brian does have his green Christmas suit that has become a holiday staple.  

We aren’t building gingerbread house masterpieces, or hosting a holiday wreath making party, but I did make cookies this year, enough for an army, and our wrapping station is pretty impressive!  

We don’t have a “Jingle Mingle Cafe or Frosty’s Diner” but we have The Country Cafe that works just as well! Festive decor and Delicious hot chocolate & cookies, and always a warm welcome from it’s proprietor, Gail, who is like family!

 We have our own traditions, we dress up, we host fabulous dinners, we sit in traffic (I have yet to see traffic in a Hallmark movie though!), we search high and low for the perfect gift, we have love, peace and joy.  We have a family dynamic that cannot be matched, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  As I have my coffee on this Christmas Eve morning, before I hit the ground running, it hit me.  My life is like a Hallmark movie – one that has been written and acted out with the best director of all.   We are so incredibly blessed.   

Merry Christmas!  


PS:  I know I have a Christmas pin somewhere!!! 

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