The Benedik’s + Social Isolation + Covid 19 Day 53 and counting…

Tonight when I sat down to write this blog,  I had to check the calendar to see the actual number of days that we have been home. As I mentioned before, all rhyme and reason as to what day it actually is, is gone.  Riley and I were out picking up ice cream one day last week, and she thought it was Thursday, and I thought it was Tuesday…  We are in a perpetual state of confusion.

Earlier this week Brian, Riley and I took a ride to the beach.  We needed the change of scenery, and we needed to get out of the house and our town, even for a few hours.  The shore towns do not want visitors – there is no parking/standing/stopping ANYWHERE in Spring Lake.  Then boardwalk is closed, but there is one entrance open at each end of the beach allowing access.   Brian was kind enough to drop Riley and I off and drive around so we could walk for 1/2 hour along the water, collecting shells, just breathing in the sea air.  It was cold, but it was so beautiful and therapeutic, and it did wonders for our moods.   I am counting the days until we can return with no restrictions.

It was a big week for the NY/NJ tri-state area.  On Tuesday, the elite US Navy & US Air Force demonstration squadrons, The Blue Angels & The Thunderbirds did a flyover to honor the front-line COVID 19 responders and essential workers.   It was truly a breathtaking sight to see, and a well deserved tribute to so many.  Not only did this provide a glimmer of thanks and appreciation to the front-line, it solidified our faith in our country and the military.    The images that were shared with me from friends took my breath away, and I will share them below.   What a thrill to have them fly over our area, really I am still in awe.

It was a month ago today that Brian & I drove to Weehawken, NJ to see the USS Comfort docked across the river.  A month?  Really?  It was such as symbol of hope and relief to see it arrive, and be there to provide back up and support as needed.  Today, we bid the USS Comfort farewell – as it’s services are no longer needed in NYC.  The departure of the ship makes a clear statement – we are on the way to recovery.  We will be on the downside and we will win this war.

We continue to find creative ways to pass the time as a family.  Brian has enlisted the kids in all sorts of projects and chores that they would normally have no part of.  They are learning life lessons & how much work it is to keep a house clean and the laundry caught up.   Riley came marching into my room the other night completely exasperated, and threw a fitted sheet on my bed.  “This is impossible to fold!!!!”…  Yes Riley, it is.   I have yet to master folding a fitted sheet, and if she had looked in the linen closet she would see my awful attempts to do so.   Tyler is so bored, he is sanding my new planter so I can stain it this weekend, and we finally have enthusiastic dog walkers.  (It’s about time – we have had dogs for 15 years…)

As we jump into the month of May tomorrow,  I am going to have my toughest task yet during this quarantine.  How will I create a memorable and special birthday for Riley (16) and Caroline (21) followed by a virtual college graduation for Tyler?  Being on lockdown for almost two months was certainly NOT in the plan.

Let’s pray that the end is near, and we will be on the downside of this soon.  We have to continue to lift each other up, and trust in our governing officials that they are making the best decisions for our community.  We are all in this together.

Be well, stay safe, and stay home…







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