The Benedik’s + Social Isolation + Covid 19 day?…It’s been many many days…

It is astounding to me how much negativity is circulating on social media and in various news sources during this pandemic.   I have been through life events on a smaller scale than this pandemic,  (ie: 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy) and people bound together and supported each other, and walked each other through some very dark times.  There was none of the constant political bashing and blame.  Yes, this is a level of horror that has never been experienced before, and it is certainly showing peoples true colors.   I have always made a point of NOT discussing politics, not bashing government officials on social media, and keeping myself out of the crossfire of those who do.  Lately it’s been harder and harder not to, yet I bite my tongue, and stay silent.   Fortunately there is the “unfollow” option which hides the small-mindedness that seems to be consuming my news feed of late.  I think if I ever spoke out and voiced my opinion on certain matters, people would be shocked.  They might even run for the hills.  It is what it is, and it doesn’t have to be ugly.

Something that is the opposite of this social media ugliness, is a group that I was invited to on Facebook, called “View from my window”.   This group invites members from all over the world to post ONE unedited picture taken from a window in their home.  The person posts the time/date and location, and a brief description and some words of encouragement during the pandemic.   It could be one of the most beautiful pages I have ever scrolled through.  One post in particular that stood out  was someone in Australia who posted a picture of her backyard full of her “nightly visitors”-  a group of kangaroos just grazing on the lawn with the sun setting behind.   Some look professional and almost post card worthy.   I could make lists of countries and cities I’d like to visit, just by seeing these  simple, unobstructed views.   The common denominator?  Everyone is quarantined, and some for much longer than we have been.  I am waiting for that perfect picture out my window, it may not be oceans or vistas, or even kangaroos, but it is my beautiful place, and it is getting me through.

Our family is still gathering for game and movie nights, yet some evenings we all need to go our separate ways, and that is okay.  This new normal we are living in is a constant time of adjustment.  Dinner menus have become a little more adventurous, and Riley is a great assistant in the kitchen.  Tomorrow we are making bagels and birthday cakes for friends, and who knows what will come next… This is my therapy.

So as we approach our 6th week home, I continue to pray for so many things – the flattening of the curve, the formation of advanced testing and a vaccine, the recovery of those that are hospitalized, and strength and courage for those who are grieving.  And as always, the prayer of thanks for those on the frontlines.  May god bless them all.

I am closing with this poem, the author is unknown.

TRAFFIC is gone
GAS is affordable
BILLS & taxes extended
KIDS are at home with their FAMILIES
PARENTS are home taking care of their CHILDREN
PETS are with their humans & not left at home alone day & night
BEING TOO BUSY to get back to someone is no longer a common excuse
FACE TIME has replaced unanswered texts
The Animals & Nature at PEACE
The WORLD is quieter
PEOPLE are conscious about HYGIENE and HEALTH
PUZZLES, ART PROJECTS, BAKING, GARDENING appear to be hobbies again ..
MONEY alone doesn’t seem to make the WORLD GO ROUND anymore – & those who only strive for wealth might just miss out on a lot of the best parts of life ….
DOCTORS AND NURSES are being praised and recognized instead of athletes and celebrities
EVERYDAY HEROES are the front line workers (besides healthcare) the supermarket cashiers, the bus drivers, the Fed Ex deliverer, the security guards …
TREMENDOUS THANKS for the police force & firemen who continue to work and help to keep us safe
PARENTS finally have a glimpse at just how hard it is to BE A TEACHER while home schooling their own children.
And WE now have TIME, finally,
to STOP and SMELL the ROSES.
To play the music we love & even with masks on we can smile with our eyes …
To connect to others by experiencing a compassion birthed inside of us that took maturity & awareness to grow …
To be brought to our knees at how lucky we are just to be alive …
And to thank the universe for our blessings


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