The Benedik’s + Social Isolation + Covid 19 days…????/Week 5

So it’s becoming increasingly harder to come up with enough content to write this blog, but I am trying my best to publish something every few days.  The kids are on my case not to give up, which I certainly haven’t, I have just slowed down – almost waiting for something to happen to write about.   This morning when I woke up I had NO idea what day it was, I knew it was late April but that’s about it.  It’s a challenge to keep my head on straight when so much of our lives are upside down.  When we were initially told lockdown will be for a month, it was a manageable expectation.   Now that has been extended, well, who knows what to think.  My son said to me the other evening, “Mom, I have lost all hope”.  Tough to hear from your  22 year old, who is supposed to be embarking on the most exciting time of his life.    What I am having tough time with, is that everyone is doing their own version of quarantine.  All the families are handing things differently – some have NOT left their home in weeks for anything (how that is possible I cannot fathom), some have had family members in the healthcare community on the frontlines move out to lesson exposure, some are in the middle, and some I just can’t figure out what they are doing.  Social media has become a total judgement zone, which is causing so much unnecessary friction and bickering between people.  It is a strange time for our world.

We all are doing what works best for us, but for how long?  How long do we STOP?  Take this pause and wait?  It changes daily, and as the curve flattens and the statistics get better, I pray our restrictions are lifted and we can return to some sense of normalcy.

Tyler’s senior pictures arrived today from Fordham University.  It was bittersweet for me to open the package, and spread them out at the kitchen table.  How hard he has worked the last four years, and this was not the outcome any of us expected.  I know he and all the other seniors will get through this, and it will certainly be something they never forget. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crushed too.

Our community is amazing.   In such a time of crisis, we are seeing people do the most amazing things.   Our local businesses are going above and beyond to take care of their customers, and the restaurants are donating food by the car load to help feed the healthcare workers at the local hospitals.   The volunteers are endless, and it is bringing so much JOY to so many during this sad time.  Our good friends are chef’s, and have begun to offer weekly meal delivery for families – the food is SO good and we have been ordering at least once a week.   The other night when my friend was delivering our dinner, her mask on and running to do a quick drop off on the front steps, I stood by my glass door waving – and it was so tough to have that social distance barrier between us.  Normally we’d be talking/ hugging/catching up and laughing our asses off about something, but I could only smile and wave.  How I miss my people.

Our family is getting through.  We have it so GOOD, while others are suffering so.  I have to keep reminding myself of this, especially on those days when it’s tough to feel anything but despair.   I am also seeing my children in a different light – watching their strength and resilience up close day by day, and seeing how awesome they are.  Yes we are getting on each others nerves,  but at the end of the day, our squad is strong.   It’s a time of tremendous growth and development for us all.

Stay home, stay safe, and be well.   It is what it is.


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