The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation Day 20 & 21 (!!!)

Someone complimented me a few days ago, and told me  that they loved my blog, and the ‘positive spin’ I put on things while writing during this COVID 19  pandemic.   In addition to that, my mom refers to it as my ‘column’, and my dear Aunt Maria said I write like my dad.  All of these kind words make my heart swell, and I am humbled, but not quite deserving.   In the beginning, I had plenty of funny stories to tell, mishaps that occurred during our days, and fun ways we were passing the time.   As we approach our fourth week in quarantine, with no end in sight, it’s gotten a bit more difficult for me to write keeping things positive.   I started this blog in 2016 when I lost my dad.  While it was not a daily blog, I wrote when I needed to share something about my grief journey.  It was a kind of therapy, and as I write this now, it is playing the same role.   Frankly, I am losing my sh** like everyone else.  Taking a moment, or a day to myself,  like I did today (not so easy while we are all home) to re-group and re-focus was essential.  I did not watch ANY news today, and I didn’t study the statistics or numbers – it’s not necessary, we are approaching the peak and it’s not pretty.   Today, I just felt sad.

Fortunately we had a beautiful day, and everyone got out and exercised.  It’s been a very long time since my family had a catch on the front lawn, and the dogs were treated to a marathon walk.  On their walk, Brian was saying “hello neighbor” to people  who are NOT our neighbors, and the girls were just shrieking with laughter.   I took a walk alone, and with every person I encountered at a “social distance”, it became even more clear we are all in this together.  Our community is in a battle to the end, and we have got to play our part.   I miss my people.   I miss life as we knew it.

Our big adventure yesterday took us to the new Krispy Kreme Donut drive through, masks & gloves on, and a dozen donuts to bring instant smiles to our faces.  The kids are all convinced it was Brian who consumed the most, and I must admit I do too – but really, in the scheme of things?  Who the hell cares at this point.  It created HAPPY, and in my mind, that is what we need to do, as much as possible.

Here is a closing thought, when all this is behind us, and we have our freedom back, who will you hug first?  For me, there is no question, I will be racing out to Long Island into the arms of my Mom – because that is the only place I want to be right now.

Let’s keep those prayer chains going, and hope that the miracles we need are soon granted.  Stay home,  let’s flatten this curve together, and remember who is in charge.



3 thoughts on “The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation Day 20 & 21 (!!!)

  1. Today was a good day emotionally, spiritually and physically. I did a lot of praying today and what the Lord showed me is how many idols I have in my life. These idols are things that keep my eyes off of Jesus. Since in essence I personally am being stripped of the things I love most in my life – my family – friends- eating out- social events – going to church – the gym – working without a mask on- being able to hug and kiss people and seeing my mom!
    So what is left? Just plain old me. What changes do I have to make? There are many. So I am going to embrace this time of self reflection. When this is over, I will be a better person – a better version of myself For sure. ❤️ Love you


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