The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + social isolation days 19/20…

This morning I was up at 5:00am – the dogs were very restless last night, and I was fighting what I think is a lingering migraine headache.   Haven’t had one in ages, but I am not surprised that one would make an appearance now.  It was easier to get up and get my day started, than lay in bed and dwell on all the ‘what if’s” and “what now’ s.

The window directly in front of my chair, where I start the day with my coffee, allows the first speck of the sunrise to come in to the room, as it gets higher and higher, I usually have to close my blinds if it’s going to be a spectacularly sunny day.   I have written many times how special a sunrise is to me, and if a tiny glimmer through the trees behind a neighbors house is all I can get?  I’ll take it.  I thought there was nothing this morning though, just daylight arriving without much fanfare, until I moved to the kitchen window and there is was.  Thank you Mother Nature, for another beautiful start to my day.

In one of the groups I follow on Facebook, I read a post by a lady that lives in our town, who was looking for some assistance in getting groceries delivered during this pandemic.  She mentioned she lives alone, has no car, and gets by on ONE monthly disability check.  Anyone who has been dealing with the grocery stores right now, knows its a challenging time for deliveries/online shopping and other shop from home services.  It bothered me for days, that someone in her situation was struggling to have food delivered.  I had a nagging feeling that there was more to this, that true help was needed and she was too proud to ask.  This morning, I dropped off four bags of groceries on her front steps, just the basics (or so I thought) to tide her over until I convinced her to let me help on a more permanent basis.  I sent her a quick text as I drove away, and the note I received an hour later brought me to tears.   She told me it felt like “Christmas”, that she hasn’t bought meat in over 6 months because she can’t afford it on her disability income, and how did I know that her refrigerator was nearly empty?   Today was the last time that will happen.   Welcome to the family Ms. Janis, we’ve got you covered.

While I was out delivering the groceries this morning, my good friend who owns my hair salon, went into her shop and mixed my hair color for me, and left it outside for me to pick up.   One of things I miss the most is having coffee with my friend, while she does my color every few weeks.   We were able to have a ‘car to car’ visit, 10 feet apart,  yelling out the window – it was the closest I could get to socializing, but that little interaction was good for my soul!  I have never attempted to color my own hair, but it was time for desperate measures.   I needed a little help, and for the first time in 32 years, Brian had to assist.  It was quite a scene, and I am not sure he is over it yet.

As we are delving deeper into this period of quarantine, it appears that the COVID19 cases are growing in number.  It is going to get worse when we reach the ‘peak’ that we are being warned about.   I know firsthand a number of people who are on their way to recovery, and have fought their way through this debilitating virus.   There have been patients at one of our local hospital who have come OFF the ventilator and can now breathe on their own.  Further testing and treatments are being developed.  Temporary hospitals are being built and set up, and reinforcements are coming from other cities to aide the over burdened healthcare workers all over NY and NJ.  Supplies are trickling in, from the most incredible sources, and the tri-state area is FIGHTING this war.    We are blessed to have doctors and nurses and all the other essential personnel giving 150% selfishly, at the expense of their own health and that of their families.   The overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude I feel on the ‘sidelines’ is indescribable.   My dad always said the only prayer you ever need to say, is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ and I say that for all who are fighting many times a day.

Remember, you are not “stuck at home, you are SAFE at home”.  Stay home.  Stay Safe.

xo, KB

2 thoughts on “The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + social isolation days 19/20…

  1. I know we haven’t met in person, but I just started reading these and it is clear to me that Tyler is who he is because of the home he grew up in…..what a wonderfully beautiful thing you did for Ms Janis!
    Also, laughing at Brian doing your hair. He is very good!
    Wishing your family peace and safety!


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