The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation Day 14?!…

I am digging dip here for motivation and inspiration to get this blog written tonight.  The pandemic is causing statistics like we’ve never seen before, yet we are continuously being reassured by both the Governor’s of New York and New Jersey that we are fighting the fight.  At this afternoon’s press conference, Governor Cuomo spoke to an audience primarily made up of of The National Guard.  He spoke of getting a plan in place for the military medical ship that is arriving into New York harbor on Monday.  When I saw all these brave individuals sitting 6 feet apart in their camouflage uniforms, I was filled with pride.  This is not the fight they imagined they would be fighting when they joined the National Guard, yet here they were and they are going to fight like we are at war.  It really does seem like a war against this virus.  I could almost hear my Pop’s voice, a USMC Korean war veteran who was a MARINE until his last breath – “send in my Marine’s” they will fix this.   How I wish that were true right now.

All of our family seems to be handling the isolation differently.  We have figured out that getting outside as much as possible is the key to making it through these long days.   Fortunately most days have cooperated and we have had decent weather – had this pandemic arrived in the cold dark days of winter we’d be in trouble.   Or maybe it would help if its was freezing cold, as it seems SO many people in our community are breaking the rules and going out in large groups,  letting their kids gather in clusters and socialize,  and there are even people having company over to their homes.  The total disregard of the town/county/state guidelines are  forcing the MOST public of places to close completely.    We cannot enjoy the parks, the reserves or the nature centers, and our limitations are increasing due to the ignorance and selfishness of these residents.  STAY HOME – it’s what we have been instructed to do.  It is infuriating to see the complete and total disrespect for our community.   We need to flatten the curve.

On a lighter note, Day 5 of virtual yoga had a special guest today.  Kooper decided to observe, and then he decided to participate.  It’s fun trying to share your yoga mat with 85-lbs of German Shepherd.  Love his face in the pics – confusion and wondering where those voices were coming from? He misses our ‘people’ too.

FaceTime is still the most powerful tool to this isolation – catching up with family and friends ‘in person’ is incredibly helpful to the loneliness.  I am counting the minutes until I can be with my family again.  A few packages arrived from some late night online shopping, and even though no one will see my new kicks or fun jogger sweatpants, it served as a mood lifter nonetheless.

Since the beginning of the year, Brian and I have been making plans for May.   We have known for some time that May of 2020 was going to be a busy and important one for our family.  Within a 3 week period we would have a Sweet 16, a 21st birthday, our son’s college graduation, and it would cap off with my 50th. He would joke how he was dreading the month of celebrations and parties, as everyone wanted their own shindig (ME included!).   Those conversations seem like they happened months and months ago – so much has changed.  We can’t make any plans, and the ones we did make have had to be canceled.   I am incredibly hopeful we will be on the road to normal by then – our family will be grateful to just get together and BE, that is all the celebration necessary.  It is what it is…

As we keep all the healthcare professionals, essential hospital employees, EMS, NYPD and NYFD in your prayers, can you say a special prayer tonight for Danny Ribaudo – a special relative/friend of ours.  As Director of emergency services at New York Presbyterian/Cornell Weill Medical Center in NYC – he is in the midst of the hot zone on the frontlines, yet largely behind the scenes like so many heroes in this fight.

Stay safe,






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