The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation Days 12/13

To be honest, I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything last night.  I was in a terrible mood and my mind just wasn’t able to focus.  I didn’t think it was a big deal to skip, it is a hobby, I am not a professional or skilled writer, it is purely working as therapy for me during this time of quarantine.  Yet I woke up to texts and direct messages on facebook asking me if I was okay? Someone said she looks forward to reading it every night, and was worried I had gotten ill.   Well let me tell you, my heart just about exploded.   The best part, my mom (who will be 84 in April), calls it my “column”….  God I love her.   So thank you for all of that – I am fine, just wasn’t feeling it.

Today, my two fellow Yogi’s (we had a new addition after day 1) did our fourth virtual yoga class while on FaceTime – Yoga by Adrienne’s 30 day program has been such a great find!  Not only are we trying out Yoga, it puts something on the schedule, and we catch up during and after our class.  Seeing my friends in “person” is so awesome.  It’s really a win win.  Looking forward to seeing how “bendy” we all are by day 30.

Despite the vast amount of food I have in the house, and how much I have been cooking and baking, we are continuing our efforts to support local businesses.  Today we decided to call in our lunch order to the Wyckoff Deli.  When I went to pick it up, they have a table outside where someone is waiting to take orders or to hand over phone orders.  There is virtually NO contact, and all the people who were waiting like me, all kept a good 6-8 feet away from one another.  It was crazy busy at the deli, and I was thrilled to see them hustling around filling orders, working non-stop.   When I got to talking to the other customers who were waiting, all strangers, I started to realize how much I miss the face to face communication that we experience on a normal day!  Talking to these people whom I had never met before, waiting 6-8 feet apart in the parking lot of our favorite deli, and just comparing stories?  It was fabulous – way nicer than you’d think.  One man actually said when it came time to pick up he and his wife’s lunch order they both raced to grab their keys, fighting over who got to leave and get the break from the kids.   I think everyone in the community is feeling a little caged in – but it’s what we need to do to flatten this curve…

At one point today, I remarked to Brian that I was just feeling bored.  That the thought of another day doing the same thing was weighing heavy on my mind.  He quickly said to me, “You need to manufacture your motivation Kel.”  (Hmmmm…. that could be the Brian quote of our isolation period!).  But after a minute or two, I realized he was right.  Plan the day, get outside, do something different and fun, and keep news watching to a minimum.  My internal gloom didn’t last very long –  I had to quickly remind myself how lucky we are.  We are home, in a safe place filled with things to do, and most of all, we are all healthy.  We are not going to work in a hospital, we are not on the frontlines fighting this pandemic like so many of our friends and relatives.  I pray all the time for all the medical professionals that have given endlessly to this fight.  It is an inconvenience, and a challenging time for our country – but we will make it through.   I am already planning my day tomorrow – manufacturing my motivation.

Having the kids home has brought back all sorts of bad habits I thought the kids had outgrown.  Tomorrow, we are having a refresher course – on the agenda?  1) Why and How to use a CHIP CLIP to close a bag of chips/cookies/crackers,  2) How to put opened blocks of cheese away in a ziplock bag and 3) How to bring dishes that aren’t supposed to be in your bedroom downstairs to the sink/dishwasher.   We will see how they do, I am expecting great things from my cherubs.

I am hoping we have a beautiful day tomorrow, as I am so engrossed in a new non-fiction book that I would love to read on the deck.  Written by a neurosurgeon, he shares how he combines his faith with his medical skills. So far, I can’t put it down.  I am sure there are thousands of nurses, doctors, and other necessary medical personal that are doing the same during this frightening time.  If you are looking for a great fiction read,  I finished ‘The Neighborhood’ and was shocked at the ending – it was SO good I had to re-read the last chapter to make sure I understood the conclusion properly.  It was that enjoyable.

Let’s hope we wake up to sunny skies, and good attitudes, and frankly a miracle.  It is what it is.

xo KB

One thought on “The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation Days 12/13

  1. These posts make my evening. They have become part of my nightly routine. I missed you last night. Things are hectic and getting more hectic. The peak is coming and I can feel it and see it. I have to beg honest there isn’t 1% of me that is afraid. I am calm and confident leading my team during this chaos. Today my oncology team provided a beautiful lunch for the ICU staff. I wanted these heroes to know that they are supported. I walked into ICU and my heart dropped at what I saw. There is a big difference then the Covid patients that are admired for symptom management and patient on respirators in prone position (on their stomachs) in ICU hope do you recover from being that ill? So being separated from my grandchildren is worth it until this nightmare is over. I love you dearly. Kel bring you as you are like a field of sunflowers


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