The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation Day 9


Well, here we are, on Sunday night, our 9th day of social isolation… I have to say, the days have been so busy that the time is moving by fairly quickly.  There are endless amounts of projects to tackle, minor plumbing issues to attend too (I broke our shower in the master bath…it’s just a mess), laundry, and meal planning, etc.   It is still strange to NOT set an alarm for the morning,  and not have anything on the schedule, with the exception of walking the dogs.  I wish I could say I aim catching up on my sleep, but it’s been the opposite.  My insomnia has returned, laden with a level of anxiety that just lingers all the time.  I miss my weekly acupuncture that helps tremendously with my sleep issues, and I cannot wait until I can return to my sessions with Dr. Kim….

Brian and I have a few hours in the morning to have our coffee and breakfast together before the kids get up for the day.  It is astounding how much they can sleep – and NOTHING wakes them up, nothing.  It is a good time for us to wrap our heads around the situation that is continuously unfolding with the pandemic.   I need to greet them with a clear head, and a positive attitude – I don’t want them to have any extra worry over what is going on.  Years from now I want them to say, ‘Wow, my mom and dad were great during that time, they kept us safe and calm, and we got through it as a family unit’.  I have to remind myself of this 10x a day, and sometimes if I have to escape to my room for a few minutes to get myself together, than so be it.  They are my top priority, and if they don’t understand all the restrictions we have put on them now, maybe they will someday in the future.  It’s a scary world right now for all of us…

Today’s music discovery was a great rendition of a very special song in our family.  Neil Diamond changed a few of the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” and it is SO GREAT.  Give it a listen and I am sure you will smile as much as I did.

The very BEST part of my day, just a few minutes ago, was the first Reilly Girl FaceTime.  The five of us and my mom,  with a few guest appearances of nieces and nephews, pets, and brother in laws, and it even included a squawking parrot in the backround.   It was so good to see everyones faces and catch up on all that is going on.  Just like every other crisis, we will get through this together, as my pop always taught us to do.

I hope tomorrow brings us some positive news,  people following the restrictions and guidelines that have been put in place, manufacturers cranking out all the necessary medical supplies, and God’s grace on all our healthcare workers.   This is the time to support and love one another, and remember as awful as this is, it is all temporary – we will persevere and we will win.  It is what it is.

Be safe,

xo KB


2 thoughts on “The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation Day 9

  1. ❤️ so my sister judy’s daughter,Kim, Is pregnant and due with her first child on my birthday, May 4th. My sister just found out that Kim’s husband may not be allowed in the delivery room and my sister won’t be either. My niece may bring her first child into the world alone. It’s bad enough her baby shower was postponed. Crazy how wide the ripples of this pandemic reach


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