The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation day 10

Waking up to snow this morning, and a houseful of kids + a husband, reminded me of snow days in years past.  Everyone got to sleep in, stay in pajamas, snow “snack” all day, and we would always bake something yummy.   Brian would ALWAYS take them sleigh riding, no matter how cold it was outside.  Today’s snow turned to a little hail, and then quickly to heavy rain.  It’s a wet cold miserable March day and even though I did bake peanut butter brownies,  it’s no snow day, it’s just day 10 of our COVID 19 quarantine.

Brian and I have remarked many times during this strange period of time, that we are so lucky that our children are the ages they are.   I am watching on social media all our friends with “littles” who now require hands on parenting & homeschooling all day long. My friends, I am exhausted for you!  I know this is taxing on your physical and mental health, and I truly wish there was a way I could help.  (Take the kids for a day, hand over a college kid, give you a break, anything).   Your creativity and imagination is astounding, and I commend you all for doing such a damn good job.  (Luke, Jack, Summer and Maggie – Aunt Kelli misses you so much!!!)

Today’s ‘get moving’ exercise was a new one, with our social restrictions.  A few weeks ago my friend and I signed up for a “Goat Yoga” class that was being offered as a fundraiser.  We are not “yogis” but we are definitely fans of goats!!!!   It couldn’t have been more fun-  the goats were interactive, entertaining, and we actually enjoyed the yoga.   We signed up right away for a yoga class, but due to the quarantine, we are unable to start our class.   This morning we did the next best thing – we signed up for a 30 day online yoga class, and had each other on FaceTime during the 30 minute workout.   I CANNOT tell you how much fun it was – between the dogs climbing on us and getting in the way, to our laughter, to the various family members walking in and just shaking their heads, and the fact that Kim has now created a new word, BENDY.   I am in such a good place from this 45-minutes together “virtually”- this will truly be a game changer over the next weeks at home!

With the 3 of our kids home now 24/7, there is usually someone looking blankly into the refrigerator/freezer all day long.   I’ll look up, and one of them will be staring in, and I know any minute THE question and THE statement will be coming.. “Mom, what’s for lunch?” and “Mom, there is NOTHING to eat”.  So now, after breakfast, I do a quick inventory and I post a list on the door of the fridge –  Lunch options for the day!   I may be adding a new one too, that will list every single snack we have in the house – as that is also becoming an issue.  Clears up all the confusion and no one starves.

I am grateful for the Wyckoff Mom’s Facebook group for the daily support and information during this time – we are literally all in the same boat, and I for one would not have gotten through Hurricane Sandy or this pandemic without them.  It’s a safe place for us to vent, share, seek information, and support one another in our community.   Ladies, I will host the party when this is all over and we can go out again – we most certainly will deserve it!

Let’s hope Tuesday brings the arrival of much needed medical supplies, military support, back up staff for the healthcare workers, and people coming to their senses to STAY HOME.   Social distance/isolation/self quarantine, taking precautionary safety measures, and following the guidelines given to us by the government will flatten the curve.  This is all temporary if we abide by the rules, and not make up our own….

It is what it is,

xo KB





One thought on “The Benedik’s + COVID 19 + Social Isolation day 10

  1. ❤️ I think you should create a daily menu of meals and snacks and share them with your group. You have such good ideas


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