The Benedik’s + COVID19 + Social Isolation Day 6…

So here we are on day 6, and The Benedik’s are muddling through.  Woke up this morning to news that was still unsettling, and the reports from family in the medical field on the ‘front lines’ was disturbing to say the least.   The unknown and confusion that this pandemic is causing seems to be the core of everyone’s concern.  It is really tough not knowing the how/what/when of something.  It is also extremely frustrating witnessing people in the community who are blatantly ignoring the guidelines.

I also woke up to that damn chocolate cake I baked yesterday, knowing that it was going to haunt me all day, I decided to share.  I sliced it up, plated it on paper plates w/plastic forks, and waited for our garbage collectors to come.   We had so much trash with all our clean outs, the pile was a little embarrassing to say the least.  They arrived in two trucks, and boy were they happy!!!!  They smiled and thanked me over and over, and it gave me such a good feeling.   It lasted (the good feeling) most of the day, until the bickering began again.   I am going to try and do a random act of kindness daily, as best as I can within our home.

The girls kept busy most of the day with online classes and assignments, and at one point the ENTIRE household was napping.  It is certainly a strange time to be a family in the midst of a pandemic.  It will get more intense as the days go by, so I hope we figure out the emotional and physical tools we need to handle things with ease.   It is what it is…

xo KB




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