The Benedik’s + Covid19 + social isolation x 5…Day 4

So, it’s just about dinner time at the Benedik household, and everyone is speaking.  I am taking that as a good sign for day 4!  We are “lucky” enough to still be able to run out to get groceries if needed (we don’t), go to the drive-through line at Chick-fil-A (the kid’s did), and make a quick trip to Barnes & Nobles to stock up for the next few weeks (me…sometimes I just want actual books instead of my kindle, it was a deserted ghost town of a store, and actually felt creepy).  Using lots of hand sanitizer, wearing surgical gloves in public, not touching anything with bare hands, staying 4-6 feet from anyone in public, and washing hands like crazy is our new normal.   As more and more stores and public attractions close, I sense the day is coming when we are required to quarantine 100%, with the exception of our homes & property.   It is what it is.

While the 5 of us are home, Brian has mandated a rule that 90 minutes a day will be “family project time”.   Anyone who knows Brian shouldn’t be surprised at this.  He gets his cheery, smirky face on and makes his big proclamation of what today’s project will be.   I have to admit, amongst the grumbling and moaning from the kids, I was doing the same.  I just didn’t feel like doing anymore chores or housework, I wanted to be “snow storm lazy” and just be a couch potato with my new books.  I had to quickly remind myself to be a good example and jump into the task.  As you can see from the pictures above, we worked in the attic today.  Not a fun place to hang out in and dig through.   The attic is dark and dusty and Brian kept smacking his head on the rafters.  (I swear I was not laughing!) Our chain gang made countless trips to the garage with a crazy amount of stuff to donate and throw away.  I must admit it was a good feeling, but when I would  peek into the bins of baby clothes and memorabilia from the kids, I could have sat for hours and looked at every single thing I have saved.  Not with my peppy spouse leading the pack though – work work work, there is no time for memory lane when Brian is project director.

Our kids still think we are the ONLY family hunkering down and following the guidelines  being given to us by the CDC, government agencies, and local media.  They are convinced we are over-reacting, and not being realistic.  I am hoping that they come to the realization (SOON) that we are doing what we can to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy.   It’s really just beginning… we need to just BE.

Stay safe, listen to the authorities, and social distance. It’s all temporary, and we are not the ones in charge.  Praying for our community, our medical professionals, and our government agencies…  xo KB





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