The Benedik’s + Covid19 + social isolation x 5…Day 3

So here I am, exhausted from having no schedule on day #3.   The restrictions and regulations from our local and state government agencies are getting tighter by the hour, and it appears a mandatory 2-week quarantine period will be enforced soon.   There is a curfew in place, and “state hopping” within the tri-state area is not recommended, and will most likely be mandated as well.

As of this morning, Caroline’s car was still in Philadelphia parked near her off-campus house.   Her spring break plans to travel directly back to school were canceled, and she arrived home last Thursday.  The fact that her car was there, and she was here, only seemed to bother me.  Brian wasn’t concerned, Caroline really didn’t need it, but it was a minor worry in the back of my mind.   She and I made a quick back & forth to Philadelphia today and got her car and some belongings, so I feel better… The best part? Two hours alone with Caroline catching up, laughing, no traffic, and a little freedom.   The even better part?  Two hours alone with MY MUSIC, no traffic, and a smooth ride home.  I still can’t get over that she going to be 21???

The Benedik Family house project for today was what Brian is calling “Basement re-org phase 3″…. we cleared out closets, organized, cleaned and purged…Brian is on cloud nine getting this done, the kids, well. they are kind’ve done.  I can’t blame them really, they have never been forced to stay in and not socialize with their peers.   Tyler & Caroline, having been at college for a few years already, are busting at the seams- both have made it perfectly clear how unhappy they are, missing their independence and freedom.  But really, if we could change it we would – we can only drum it into their heads over and over, it’s for everyones health and safety….  My goodness it is only day 3.

Last night Brian and the girls enjoyed our fire pit on the deck, the dogs were walked and exercised, and everyone seems to be keeping busy.  My kindle is loaded, the pantry and freezer are well stocked (who bought the Toasted Almond Ice cream bars????), and the gangs all here, and this is how we will just BE as we venture into this unknown territory of COVID 19.

Stay well, stay calm, and stay hopeful!

xo KB







One thought on “The Benedik’s + Covid19 + social isolation x 5…Day 3

  1. Love it! I would be worrying about the car too! And toasted almond anything is one of my favorites! Big surprise!!
    Can’t wait until day 4!
    Louie arrived “home” today so I am happy he is here and not alone in his apartment


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